Our team of professional hair stylists will make sure you receive the best service and and care possible. We can guarantee you leave looking and feeling fabulous!



Our comprehensive range of beauty treatments will have you looking your best for any occasions. We use only the best branded products such as Mii Cosmetics and Hi Brow.

Swedish Massage


From your head to the tip of your toes, our range of massage treatments will no doubt have you leaving us with the immense feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.  

Back Massage


Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation. Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.  



Facials are specially tailored to suit your individual skin type and personal needs. Whether you’re looking for a nourishing treatment to alleviate dryness, a cleansing facial for the perfect clear skin ahead of a big event, or something to give you a quick glow, our facials will deliver visible results.



Microblading is a semi-permanent method of enhancement to create your tailored ideal set of brows. Each and every hair stroke is precisely drawn with an exceptionally fine blade and pigment is added to mimic natural hair to achieve shape and definition.  Consultations can be requested with our brow stylist Chloe where you will be given a detailed understanding of the treatment and a patch test before booking your Microblading appointment.  


Price of hair on consultation.

Tape in Half head from £40 

Tape in Full head from £50

Removal £10 

Nano Ring Half head from £90 

Nano Ring Full head from £120 

Removal £10


The bushy perms of the 80s might be out of vogue, but there are plenty of modern hair perms that are actually gorgeous. These days, you can perm your hair into effortless beach waves or even make it look like you just got a salon blow-out all the time.


Short/Med from £40

Long from £60

Including styling


The ultimate solution to achieve thicker, fluffier, more symmetrical brows, with results lasting up to 2 month!
Brow lamination is available for £35, patch test is required 48-72 hours prior to treatment.